When I’m not climbing a mountain or otherwise enjoying the great outdoors, my attention is focused on contemporary and future internet design issues, especially the user experience topic.

Besides of how a website looks like, the most important part is what it feels like using it. Creating adequate user experience has become the essential unit in the webdesign process. Enhancing good UX with good design, and vice versa, is what I want to achieve.
There still is some misunderstanding about how and when to implement the UX part; In my opinion there is no “how”, no “when” and definitely no “part” — it’s the whole procedure which has to be UX orientated, from start to end. Ideally managed by one person or team who is focused on creative direction.

Lots of buzz and hype about the known expression “User Experience” occurred in recent times, and unfortunately, as far as “UX” is used in conjunction with webdesign, a sometimes premature definition among people who use it. To prevent that, I help pushing UX in the right direction. I’m following the digital evolution and I realize when a tendency becomes a trend. Therefore, being aware of current technology development is indispensable for me.

Yet I still do print design and love the tangible feeling of paper plus the physical aspect of print production. Inspiration comes from many fields, including architecture and industrial design. I think about all that, and furthermore, get the required energy, preferably while being [nearly] disconnected and enjoying nature.

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